X-Ray Timer App Reviews

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Great for Xray Hands

Simple yet great app for those out there pushing pills. 3 stars because it has some bugs that need fixing now. Updated my phone to iOS 10 and now this app crashes if 2 or more fields have a period in it. Will fix review to 5 stars once bugs are removed.

Way off

This app has been confusing me. I have this and one other gamma ray app along with the old school exposure calculator that companies give you. Shooting a 42" panoramic, it says I should shoot it 1min 35secs. Which is what I shoot a 36" panoramic with the same cuties. At a 4 minute develop time for the 36", it's perfect density. The other app I have says 2 min 10sec which sounds more accurate. Think I'll be using my other app instead of this one.

Use it all day..

Need an update already, like which wire to use, maybe with the coundown it shows the density climbing up and uou can stop it at your desired density...ect. Love the app. Looking forward to see whatsnext


If possible to add for Double/Single wall application

Works could add sone things

Add what kind of film double wall single wall pipe density per name

Great but

It would be nice to select a film type Instead of looking for the R factor but I use it at least 3-5 times a week


I downloaded this to see if my room had radiation

Good stuff

I'm still in training , And this is a real help it would be nice to just pick 50 or 80 on film , and not have to cal source to film , but other than that I love this , the slide cal is a real pain

Very cool

Helpful! Though could you add in something to determine the restricted area, rad area, and high rad area? Maybe source type, curies, then spits out the mR/h boundaries?

Great App

The app is a great tool. The update is great. Would like to see a few things added if possible. 1 - Timer, 2 -Material Type, 3 - R-factor Calculator (film type/grade - density), 4 - Double Wall/ Single Wall, & 5 - Film Load (double, triple, etc). Keep up the great work!

Mr Hoy

Had to bump up the R factor a little bit.


I always add .125" for reinforcement and my shots always come out perfect. I think the App works great!!


The app is spot on.Good job.


Shot times are way off when shooting large pipes. Fix that and it would be an awesome app and would use it more often.. As of now Id rather used my Manuel shot calculator..(2.1)

Not accurate

Shot times are usually very light. A good start point though! Thanks


No x-ray on this app

Missouri Division Operations Manager

Great App, I use it every day. Glad it's free now too. I have my Techs using it now and they love it too. Thanks Lance for your hard work and great Apps.

Five stars

Great app always comes in handy. Hasn't ever let me or my crew down


Nice app. Thanks. We need one for dose though.

Gamma God

I use 3 r factor for 80 SPd film and 5 r factor for 50 SPd film. I bump up the time a lil but I like 3.0 density on my film.

Great app.

Been using this app for months, and I have no complaints, I usually bump the shot a bit depending on the pipe wall and reinforcement.

Worth it

Great app for figuring shot times.. Works great hasn't failed me yet!! I definitely recommend it

Very useful

I use this app at work and it does get the shot time really close. It tends to figure a little light but bumping up the r-factor a tenth makes it come out just right. I think it would be even better if you could put in a function for double wall/single wall.

Great app

I use the app daily. Only thing that I would like to see added is an option for either stainless steel or carbon steel.

Good app

From a shaw hand!!

Great TechOps and Amersham Match

I compared the time results of Ir-192 to what the techops and Amersham slide rules use and I get the same results or very close. Now I would like to see for materials other than steel, and perhaps an option to choose a density and a film type and it give you a probable R-factor. (Developer temps would then be needed) One complaint is that I need to hit the numbers key every time to switch over from alphabet to numbers for every entry. (Curies, SFD, R-Factor) I have seen other apps get around this.

What R Factor are y'all using?

I'm using Agfa D5 and shooting for 2.5 density the r-factor I have is 2.7 . So what r-factor would y'all use and how did you get it? The formula I normally use is: 1st step ( wt + wt + weld build up) gives you total thickness of steel, align the total up with a chart and that gives you the energy of IR192. 2nd step ((pdi*pdi*eIR192*RF)/(Curies*1000)) basic algebra and wala. I always come up with two different shot times using the formula vs. the app, (app 45-60 seconds longer). I know the formula is right, been using it for years. So why isn't it working for me? The Barricade app is great, sure beats using the inverse square law. But don't get to dependent on it bc you cant use it tests.

Great App!!

Very useful... thanks for making it. It's gonna be downloaded by everyone in our company. Barricade app is great too.

BiGsTaTe XrAy.. Chickasha, Ok

Great app.. Love it. Wascat is a Beast at Xraying but horrible at MW2


Great app. Works great. I am the A Rig. All yall are terrible xray hands!!!


Ever been in the pipe rack with out ur slide ruler. I bet u had ur phone. Now you got both. Works great. Film runs all the same time even know different sizes


Works great! Just used it for the first time and film came out lookin great!


Love it, use it alot, hopefully you'll make an app for film developing.


Does anybody have a email address for Lance. I got some question i would like to ask him.... the email address on his page is not a working email.

R factor

What film are you basing your R factor

great app

another great app Lance W.T.X

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